Large Gazehound Racing Association events

The RMIWA holds Large Gazehound Racing Association (LGRA) race meets. These events are straight sprint races for all sighthounds except whippets who have their own organization for running straight racing.

The following link is to the 2015 LGRA rule book.



LGRA stands for Large Gazehound Racing Association. To compete all hounds must be registered with LGRA. To receive a LGRA Racing Number or LRN, the owner submits a copy of the hound’s breed registration (e.g. AKC papers), owner contact information, and $2.00 to LGRA to receive an LRN. The LRN registration can be sent in by the Race Secretary with the race results for the hound’s first time entered (FTE) race.

LRGA is straight or sprint racing done by all sighthounds except whippets. The hounds race 200 yards on a straight, flat track and are placed strictly by the order they come across the finish line.

Prior to the race, hounds are graded according to previous racing experience or using the LGRA “WAVE”, a weighted average of the dog’s last three race meets. See for the latest Grading Guide showing all hounds’ WAVEs.

The Race Draw

There are three programs with heats made up of a maximum of four dogs. Hounds run against hounds of similar WAVE or running experience in the first program. After the first program, each hound earns a score from its placement in the first program. Then hounds with the same or similar scores will race together in the second program. The third program is the final program and all similarly scored hounds will run together.

The hounds will be “hand-slipped” at RMIWA events of being released from a starting box. One handler will release. One will “catch”.

Muzzles, blankets and collars

All dogs must run with properly fitted muzzles and race blankets. The RMIWA has blankets available for LGRA racing. The RMIWA does not have muzzles available for the racing. You will want to obtain a muzzle for your hound or borrow one PRIOR to the race day to get him used to it.

The hound may wear a flat buckle or snap collar while racing. There can be NO tags on the collar. The releaser can use a slip lead or simply hold on to the collar. The catcher will want to have a lead to retrieve the dog with.


Depending on the number of hounds starting in the race, one or more winners earn points towards the Gazehound Racing Champion title (12 GRC points). While working towards this title, the hound also earns points towards the Superior Gazehound Racing Champion title (30 NRC points).