HERO – Health, Education, Rescue Of RMIWA

The RMIWA supports

Health testing and research

Education of Irish Wolfhound owners, breeders and the public about the breed

Rescue and re-homing of Irish Wolfhounds in need

With the encouragement of proper education of potential IW owners and encouragement of proper health screening prior to breeding, the number of out-placed IWs decreases. With this in mind, the RMIWA combined the Health, Education and Rescue committees into one organization in order to pool resources both monetary and staffing to support pre-rescue through post-rescue.

HERO Committee


Chairman: Amy Solberg hero@rmiwa.org

Education/Festivals: Loretta Ivory maatka@comcast.net

Rescue mainly covers the Rocky mountain region including Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Idaho

If you are interested in adopting an Irish Wolfhound outside of the Rocky Mountain states, please contact the Irish Wolfhound Club of America Rescue.