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Rocky Mountain Irish Wolfhound Association
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RMIWA Membership Application

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Membership type: Choose 1 of the following types: If you cannot attend at least 2 meetings in person during the year, please choose “Associate”

Associate: One or two persons 18 of age and older. Not to vote or hold office (choose this if you cannot attend meetings in person) $20.00/annual dues

Youth: Open to one or more persons between ten (10) and eighteen years age who are from the same family. $5.00/annual dues

How long have you been associated with IWs and your reason for choice:

Have you or will you breed IWs?

If yes, will you abide by the RMIWA Code of Ethics as it pertains to the breeding and selling of IWs?


Are you interested in (Check all that apply)
Adopting a homeless IW? Fostering a IW?

Transporting a homeless IW? If checked, a HERO rescue associate will contact you.

Competition Conformation Obedience/Rally Lure Coursing/Straight Racing
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Are you a member of the Irish Wolfhound Club America? Yes

Please list any other dog clubs or humane organizations you are a member of and offices held if any:

I(we), the applicant(s), do hereby agree to abide by the Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Ethics of the RMIWA and the rules and regulations of the American Kennel Club. I(we) am(are) in good standing with the American Kennel Club and the Irish Wolfhound Club of America.



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*The RMIWA is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donations may be tax deductible.

Make checks payable to RMIWA.

Return application and fees to: RMIWA

Michael Hussey, RMIWA Membership Chair
36895 View Ridge Drive, Elizabeth, Colorado 80107

(PayPal payments accepted. Please add $2 to the total dues and send to treasurer@rmiwa.org)