RMIWA Rescue and Fun Day

Subject: RMIWA Rescue and Fun Day


Our most recent H.E.R.O work has been with 2 Male Irish Wolfhounds. They have been neutered this week and we are learning more about their personalities and behavior while they continue to recover and prep for a forever home. Right now they do show many signs of the Texas 72.

Additional information we know so far:

*They are two years old.
*Same father different mother.
*They are a little shy,  and currently prefer women over men.
*They show many signs similar to dogs from the Texas 72

* They were neutered on Thursday of this week, then probably need a week+ before they can be adopted.

Any one interested will need to know that as a responsible rescue, we will need to do our due diligence and have RMIWA volunteers over to inspect the homes and meet the prospective families. The home will need to meet the fence requirement. An ideal family would be one who will be patient and help them socialize and be comfortable with their world.

Currently they are now being fostered in Black Forest Colorado and if anyone is or knows someone who is seriously interested please email our Rescue chairperson Kim Underwood @  kunderwood01@gmail.com .

Kim will be in contact with additional information, a rescue application and a RMIWA application among other things. The most important part is to match the 2 boys with a family who can care for them and give them the best life possible.

Rescue questions please contact Kim Underwood  kunderwood01@gmail.com

RMIWA Fun Day – Bring your Hounds! 12:30 set-up

RMIWA Fun Day for Members and their hounds!

Sept 28th 1 PM -4 Pm

Mantayo Kennels, 1220 S Wadsworth Blvd, Lakewood Co

RMIWA will provide Fried Chicken, Salads, Chips, Drinks and Dessert – our treat!

Bring your Wolfhound, a leash,  a chair and an X-pen (if you can)

RMIWA is buying food for the people this year. You do not need to bring a potluck item, maybe some treats for your Hounds to teach them a trick.

!!Fun Day!! Agenda:
1:00 — Agility and Rally Gone Bad–Wolfhound Obstacle Course Relays

1:30  —  Lunch  &  Membership Meeting
2:00  —  Teach your Wolfhound a Trick
3:00 —  Bingo — Wolfhound Style
3:30  —  A Run A Round A Ring–Wolfhound Conformation Tips and Tricks
4:00  —  Cleanup

!!Fun Day question please contact President@rmiwa.org

RMIWA Communications:

We have a new email tool that updates our communications and makes them affords us the opportunity to look more professional.  Thank you Tom Gilliland for testing this out and getting things up and running! Look out for the next RMIWA newsletter coming mid October 2019.

We look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday at 1PM!!